August 2, 2008
9 years, 11 months and 18 days since
our Reunion.


Friday, October 24, 2008 at 7:30pm

Location: 24 Seconds Bar, Berkley MI (on 12 mile Rd.)

All are welcome to join the group for casual drinks and conversation regarding float parties, beer, and bon fires!!!


September 7, 2008


Greetings Class of 88’!  We apologize that it has taken us this long to get our wrap-up letter onto the website, but we have been busy getting back to our lives as spouses, parents and employees!  


The reunion was an absolute hit!  It started at 7pm with a line to get in!  Must admit, we were a little worried about the lack of prepaid tickets (only 66 purchased 4 days prior), but you all came out in full force.  We ended up having a total of 127 people attend.  The breakdown is as follows: 89 prepaid as of the event, 26 paid $70 at the door, 9 gave donations, and 3 “forgot” to donate.


Dino’s proved to be a great place to gather and we packed the house!  The food was excellent, but we found the DJ was almost unnecessary.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy talking and catching up rather than listening to the great hits of the 80’s.  We had alumni travel from CA, AZ, TX, CO, NY, SC, NC, VA, IL, and WA to attend (at least, that’s what we can remember).


Tanya Lanning secured some great photos from BHS and Chris Valente managed to bring out a box of high school memorabilia that was stashed in his parents’ attic.  It even included the all night graduation party t-shirt!  Wow!  Who keeps that stuff?  

And let’s not forget Mike MacDonald sporting his Varsity jacket!  Still fits after all those years!  How about those great nametags with your senior picture on it?  Although slightly embarrassing for some of us, they were extremely helpful in putting a name with a face.


For those that couldn’t make it this time, hopefully you can join us in 5 years!  For those that were dragged against their wills (you know who you are), hopefully we did not let you down!  Although, many thought it would be High School all over, we found this not to be true.  It was way better!  There is something to be said for reconnecting with the people that were there during life’s most awkward moments. 


Pictures are forthcoming!  We will post them on the website rather than send out a DVD.  The committee decided unanimously to use the money allotted for the DVD, to go towards the website.   Maintaining the website is $150/yr and we would like to secure that amount before the price increases.  We are proud to tell you that there is enough money to keep the site running for 10+ years. 


Thank YOU for coming!  It was truly a success due to the wonderful attendance.  And we have appreciated many of the nice compliments you have emailed the committee.  You are welcome!



Your hard working committee!

PS.  Many of the 38 graduates that “arrived at the door” are NOT registered on the reunion webstie.  Please, please tell your fellow grads to register so we can all stay in touch!!!!

The Reunion Committee...Rachel Bauld, Hank Wineman, Tanya Lanning, Darin Danaher, Lynn Smalley, Dave Ackerman, Suzy Kay, & Chris Valente

revised 10-22-08

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